LLC Registration

What is the minimal time to get an LLC registered? What is required to start a registration procedure?

Registration of a company is a convenient, speedy and modern service. The registration program implemented by our company covers all requisite procedures taking into account all requirements of effective legislation; it is a guarantee of reliability and lawfulness of all registration-related actions.

How much will it cost?

  • Registration of a new company in Moscow – 12, 000 rubles.
  • Registration of a new company in the Moscow Region - 20, 000 rubles.

How long will it take?

Registration of a new company will take 10 business days!

Please note - Important points

Requisite documents and data for a new company registration:

The founder is a physical person:

  • A passport copy (the page with the picture, a permanent residence registration stamp).
  • The postal code
  • The taxpayer identification number (INN)

The founder is a legal entity:

  • The Certificate of state registration (a copy);
  • The Charter (a copy)
  • Copies of all changes introduced in the constituent documents (if any);
  • The Certificate of registration for taxation purposes (a copy);
  • The statistics codes (a copy);
  • The Director’s (General Director’s) full name (the passport data, the INN and the postal code).
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (a copy)
  • The Memorandum of Association (a copy).

Requisite information for company registration:

  • The company name in Russian;
  • The abbreviated name;
  • The company name in a foreign language;
  • The company founders and their stakes in the authorized capital;
  • The postal codes of the permanent registration places of the Founders, the General Director and the Chief accountant;
  • The authorized capital size and the way it was contributed to (funds, property).
  • Do you intend to apply the simplified tax system?
  • Core streams of activity according to the All-Russia Classifier of Economic Activity Types (OKVED).
  • Address (the postal address).
  • Passport copy – the Director (the General Director).
  • Passport copy –the Chief accountant
  • Contact telephone numbers.

Supplementary services:

In Moscow - Receipt of notifications from the Pension, the Social Insurance and the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund -1,500 rubles
In the Moscow Region - Receipt of notifications from the Pension, the Social Insurance and the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund -3,000 rubles

How to get a new company registered?

We have made all procedures very simple. You can: - Call us right away and get advice over the telephone: (495) 227-4-227 and (495) 227-9-227; - Come to our office any time from 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. (our business hours) at 71, bldg. 2, Izmailovskoye Shosse, Office 361, Moscow, Partizanskaya metro station, Izmailovo Hotel, Beta bldg.